Clayton Kale

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 07:00

Samantha Daley is a single mom raising five children.

She and her family moved to South Carolina without knowing anyone. Working long hours, all the kids stepped up to help out at home. Christian, a high school freshman, especially takes on a large load helping out his family in any way necessary. 

Through YMCCAof Greenville Financial assistance, the four siblings, ages 7-14, got a chance to go to YMCA Camp Greenville. Before going, they mentioned how nervous they were. After a week at YMCA Camp Greenville, the trajectory of their lives changed forever, and their world expanded.They learned resilience, safe risk-taking, and made new friends. Some of their comments after camp:

  • The most important thing I learned at Camp was to not be scared of trying new things. 
  • It's OK to tell someone what you're going through. 
  • The best part was getting to know my friends. They were kind to me. 
  • I was nervous of trying new things. I was afraid of messing up but I learned, and I was proud of myself.
  • In my heart, I plan on going on more adventures and sleep outside. 

You can change the trajectory of kids' lives by giving them the opportunity of having a week of summer camp at YMCA Camp Greenville by supporting the YMCA of Greenville Annual Campaign