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You can also call their direct line: 864-676-1248 ext 7

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Nutrition for Healthy Living

Eat well to live well. Join us for this 8-week program where we will cover a variety of popular nutrition topics such as: energy balance, food cues, eating on a budget, and smart shopping. This program will be led by Christy Strouse, Registered Dietitian with Nutrition Solutions.

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Nutritional Consultations

Nutrition Solutions offers the following services here at the GHS YMCA:

Nutrition Profile – 30 minute Consultation:
This Basic Nutrition Profile is completed by answering a questionnaire, testing your body composition and briefly discussing goals and developing a plan to focus on them with a Registered Dietitian.
Fee: $35

Nutrition Consultation:
This Nutritional consultation with a Registered Dietitian is a Nutrition Profile plus an assessment and review.  You will receive meal planning advice to meet your needs, as well as nutritional recommendations.  An added bonus is a follow up session in 3-4 weeks with a Dietitian.  You will receive feedback on your progress and have a new body composition taken.
Fee: $150

Special: Receive this package for $75 if combined with the purchase of 5 Personal Training Sessions  

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